Double Roll Electronic Tissue Dispensers

The innovative Health E Roll Commander® double roll electronic tissue system is designed to provide hands free functionality, clean contamination free toilet tissue and ultra-quiet dispensing performance. This dispenser is ideal for public use restrooms. Protect your employees and patrons today with the only automatic double-roll, hands-free tissue system available for universal tissue products.

Ultimate Washroom Solution
  • Superior Hygienic Solution
  • Superior Protection for Users
  • Superior Environmental Proposition
  • Superior Energy Efficiency

  • Dispenser Activation Zone Touchless Dispensing –Clean Hygienic Tissue “on demand”
  • Auto-Assist Select-A-Sheet Functionality “users choose amount of tissue for their comfort
  • User Presence Power Management System –Dispenser powers off when stall in unoccupied
  • Concealed Tissue Dispensing–Keeps People Safe “no product contamination”
  • Dual Roll System–Can Dispense Commercial or Residential Tissue Products
  • Automatic Tissue Roll Transfer-Eliminates Product Waste
  • Perpetual Dispensing Operation –100% “jam free”
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