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The innovative Health E Roll Commander® single roll electronic tissue system is designed to provide hands free functionality, clean contamination free toilet tissue and ultra-quiet dispensing performance. Protect your home today with the only automatic, hands-free tissue system available for universal tissue products.


  • Protecting the health and wellness of your family is the most important thing
  • The Health e Roll Commander® series of electronic tissue and towel dispensers offer the best solution to lower the spread of germs from the most common areas in the home; bathrooms and kitchens. Eliminate tissue and towel product contamination and the incidence of viral transmission.
  • As work “from home” becomes more prevalent, and family health and safety is paramount, hygienic tissue, towel and soap systems provide an added level of assurance that the spread of infectious viruses and bacteria from bathrooms and kitchens is minimized.
  • Offered in a variety of aesthetic designs, the Health e Roll Commander® array of dispensing options will add confidence and piece of mind that your loved ones’ have a higher level of protection.

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