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VSI Health toilet plume

Vital Safety Innovation

Vital Safety Innovation: Bathroom surfaces and exposed products in bathrooms are the most dangerous touchpoints in every bathroom. Why not eliminate one of the most used contact points completely by using the Health E Roll Commander® smart toilet tissue dispensing system? This practical touchless toilet tissue system is a premium solution for homes, hotels, restaurants, and other public places.

Touchless Tissue & Towel Dispensers

  • Health and Safety – Reduce the spread of germs/virus’s spreading infection in public restrooms and residential/hotel bathrooms
  • Totally enclosed tissue and towel rolls for product safety - “Flush Plume” contamination risk elimination
  • Reduce tissue waste - Eliminate tissue roll waste (save money)
  • Touchless automatic tissue dispensing
    High-capacity tissue system – systems that dispense universal tissue paper
  • Energy efficient system.  Hybrid energy system – most energy efficient
VSI Health touchless tissue dispenser
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